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Important dates

Round start date: 9 October 2016

Entry closing date: 29 November 2016

Scoring closing date: 14 December 2016.


The full set of VF32 entries (including a score sheet) can be downloaded here (462MB) or viewed in a separate tab/window as a Youtube playlist*. The score sheet is available separately here.


* Garajau Seixal's entry is blocked in some regions due to soundtrack copyright. As a result, this video has also been made available as a separate download.


  • A custom VF32 mug, donated by Virtual Freestyle, awarded to the round winner.
  • A Vital S kite, generously donated by Lumokites, awarded to a random entrant drawn from the pool of all entrants.
  • A pair of Odyssia straps, generously donated by Lumokites, awarded randomly from the top half of ranked entrants.
  • A Lumokites T-shirt, generously donated by Lumokites, awarded randomly from the bottom half of ranked entrants.
  • A pair of Sportkitedesign straps, generously donated by Quentin Riche, awarded to a random entrant drawn from the pool of all entrants.
 Vital S  Odyssia straps
VF32 scores due: 14.12.2016 12:00 7 Days